How’s The Remote Control Developed?

The first thoughts were to use radio control, since by this time, radio controlled automatic garage door openers had been around for almost ten years. The problem with radio is that it travels through walls and would be picked up by other surrounding transmitters. Even today, if two garage door openers are set at the same frequency, it is possible for one opener to open both doors. At this time, Dr. Robert Adler spoke up and suggested using ‘ultrasonics’ which is sound that is too high of a frequency for humans to hear. Zenith appointed him to lead a team of engineers to work on the first use of ultrasonics technology throughout the home and as a new approach for a remote control.

  The remote control went into production in the fall of 1956. The original Space Command remote control was expensive because an elaborate receiver in the TV set, using six additional vacuum tubes, was needed to pick up and process the signals. Although adding the remote control system increased the price of the TV set by about 30 percent, it was a technical success and was adopted in later years by other manufacturers. In the early 1960 s, transistors began to replace vacuum tubes. Hand-held, battery-powered control units could now be designed to generate the inaudible sound electronically.

  The idea of having a remote control to make something easier to do has expanded into the phenomenon of people wanting a remote to do normal everyday tasks. Now that they have developed remote controls to do pretty much anything you can imagine, it has led our society to become lazier and lazier. When the first TV remote control was invented, its purpose was to not have to get up to change the tuner on the television set. Now, today, just about any electronic you can think of is mostly likely equipped with a remote control, straight from the factory.

  Today, remote control is a standard feature on other consumer electronics products, including VCRs, cable and satellite boxes, digital video disc players and home audio receivers. And the most sophisticated TV sets have remotes with as many as 50 buttons. Today, there are remote controls that are sold to control just about everything you could imagine in your house. These remote controls can turn on and off every light in your house from where ever you are, let visitors in without getting up, adjust your temperature, turn on music, and more.