Warm congratulations on the success of anycon Colombia.

Warmly congratulations to Anycon electronic technology co., LTD. For the successful completion of the 2011 Andina Link Show Colombia exhibition in Colombia.
Shenzhen Anycon electronic technology co., LTD., as a well-known brand in remote control industry, participated in this event.
The exhibition focuses on the company’s latest generation of the intelligent remote control handle U6, smart remote control AM002, Google TV remote control AN1901 and popular AM6 smart remote control.
In the three days of display, Dworkin and intelligent remote control have attracted great attention of numerous overseas customers and consumers, which display the intelligent remote control handle U6 with good performance, a collection of liuhe a function has become a spotlight of this exhibition.
U6 wireless keyboard, wireless controller, wireless mouse, wireless headset, wireless microphone voice call and intelligent remote control to make the customer experience a delight, love!